Winning And Losing Is Not Everything

the score boardWinning and losing is not everything but it is nice to win every once in a while. But you shouldn’t just make yourself win by cheating.

If you win you shouldn’t rube it in the other peoples faces even if it a competitive sport. Let me tell you something at my school there’s people that are saying, that the government is going to pass a law that makes sure that children under 12, years old playing soccer there is no score or winning or losing. I was talking to my father about that and we both thought that children need that little bit of competitive part in our life’s before  their 13 years old. See their are guys in my class this year again that think there to good for anything and their the best. The way I look at it is if your like then your rely not better then anyone. People think that your just a j**k that can’t take losing. None wants to play them. But if you take away the winning or losing then by the time kids are 13 almost everyone will not know how to win or lose with out rubbing in the other persons face or with losing you will not know what to do after you lose and who knows what you would do!!

What do you think? I was once on school team and we where winning like all the games but we lost the finals and half of the team was blaming each other players because I think they just forgot how to lose and move on. I was like “If you did this and this we would of been the winning team”. I’m just like it was a great season just try again next year.

So are you going to be someone who is going to blame everyone for your losing, or are you going to be hopefully you will be someone that will move on and think it was fun and that’s why I did it?

Please tell me your input below. Thanks for reading. :)


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