What Is Healthy Food

chocolate cupcakeWhat Is Healthy Food?

You’ve heard that chocolate and candy is bad for you and fruits and vegetables are healthy for you. But is that all true?

Chocolate and candy is good for you if you don’t have to much. Chocolate and candy is good for your soul. It’s like Fruits and vegetables for your soul. I’m not saying go to your parents and say that chocolate is good for you and you should eat it as much as fruit and vegetables. I’m saying that chocolate is good for you in a way.

But why do us people like candy and chocolate so much? I don’t know and people don’t know everything in life. But maybe some people just eat it to bug there parents because if I’m right parents really do not let there kids eat it so there trying to control the kid and the kid rebels. But then again I’m not saying you shouldn’t eat chocolate and candy I’m say eat it.

But be nice to your parents when there telling you to stop eating “the junk”. When my parents tell me to stop eating “the junk” in my head I say “soul food”.

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