What Does Music Do In Your Life?

music sheetWhat Does Music Do In Your Life? For some people music is a ways to laugh and have fun. But others music is a way to show who they really are and to share there view of the world.

There are a lot of different types of music like hip hop I bet that the person who wrote the song was feeling happy and want to help make other people see what he/she was seeing and feeling. Or rock that person my have been feeling like having a party and going crazy in a way. What about those love songs they may have been feeling a little lost in love and couldn’t keep it inside. Or a slow song you know the one when your at the prom and you dance with the person. When they wrote a slow song they may have been feeling like there life was boring or slow.

So what type of music do you like and why you can write about what your views are in the comment box below.

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