The Parents Choice

light bulbGetting alone with your parents is not all that easy but could be easy every once in a while in the future.

Sure your parents want to protect you from dangers in life that you think you can handle. I agree in a way you may think that your parents are controlling your life and giving you know freedoms that you think you should have.

The girls out here that read my articles hear me out I feel for you. Let me ask you a question does it feel like just because your a girl your parents are over protective. I also feel for the girls out there that have an older brother I have one and he can be a pain in my butt.

But I am not writing this to talk about me I do that on my About Me page.

I just think that your parents intentions are to keep you safe because they love you and I feel that they don’t know what to do. Maybe your parents don’t know what to do because the methods that worked when you were lets say 5 years old don’t work now. They may also feel that what ever they do they are hurting there relationship with you and I┬ápromise you that is the last thing they ever want to do.

So if you ever get into a talk about you not thinking that there choice was right for you just remember what you have read today.

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