Life Is Like Fireworks

fireworkThere are fireworks every where you look . You know the saying like sparks fly between people that like each other that is true in a way. But there are fireworks and sparks in your every day life. Just like if you just go out into the world you can find that you could be a be bright firework. The cool part is that mostly a smile always start the spark and the spark grows into a big bright firework. People will see that you are a firework shining bright they will see it throw you eyes and your body language. People would not just see it they will feel it which could bring out the best in people and you would know that it all started with a smile.

Don’t be afraid to let the real you shine through. If you are afraid of what your friends will think just remember that if your friends are really your friends, they will like you for who you are even your family.


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