How To Deal With Siblings

brother and sisterSiblings are not all that easy to deal with older or younger. I have both I will tell you some ways you can try with both older and younger.

Well I am going to start with older. I find that they think they have all the power most of the time just because their older. But I’m going to tell you that you can have power too. You have the power to tell your mom and dad “I’m much smaller then them and it really really hurts when they touch me”. But that only works if your under 8 and like 2 and a half years younger then your brother or sister. But if that does not work then you have to go to plan B. I will tell you my secret . . .

My secret to dealing with older siblings is to act like you don’t care what they think or say in different moments and then most of the time you want care. But that takes time to really not care. If you do that then be careful that you just stop caring complicity. That’s what can happen if you do my secret and your not careful.

Now lets go onto younger siblings. Younger siblings are easier to deal with because it’s easier to put up boundaries between one another. But if their much younger then you like about 5 years younger you have to deal with it a little softer. So lets see wear was I oh ya I was talking about how to deal with younger siblings. Okay, so this is what you can try you can worn them about if they do something you will do something of your choice but nothing to bad like killing someone. But if your younger sibling does what you asked them not to do, you go through with what you said and you would do what you said you would do. The cool thing about this is that most of the time you WILL NOT get in trouble by your parent but just to make sure, you should probably tell your parent after you tell your younger sibling.

Well I guess it’s time for you to try it and tell me what happen. But if it don’t work tell me and the readers what happened and why you think that happened.

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