Girls Life Magazine April-May Edition

extra extraI’ve read a lot of  magazines I want to write an article about this one . Why just because it was right in front of me and I had a pen and paper. Doesn’t go much deeper then that in why this one.

Lets start of at the beginning I like how they incorporate what people have to say and share. So you send it to them and they will put it in their magazine. Next, there are 3 different calendars first is a funny lip smacker birthday have  you ever heard about that before tell me in the comments. The next calendar is a ECO calendar it just about things that are good for the earth clothing a stuff. The last calendar is about summer fun like some fun things to do other then sit on the couch and watch t.v.

Moving on the is this page that is Dear, Carol you know you write about your problems and they give you advise very cool I like. Also there is book advertising For the longest time I did not like reading but I had a lot of books. But just a littler bit ago I got into books and I am reading a lot. Next, is about the best new trends and there cheap to. One  big thing that I see going on is that girls are always so scare of what people think about what they look like. But one thing I was reading in the magazine is that there is a page or 2 just about trying to get girls to love them self’s and there body I think that is a great idea. Next, they have a page for beauty tips just for every day and PROM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The next thing I’m going to talk about will be something that I know a lot of you girls would want help with is talking to your crush. I’m just saying that some of us girls out there have crushes but not everyone because I know I don’t have a crush. So there is a page for study smarter flirt game. There is so much more things you can get out of this amazing magazine like dealings with MOM!!!! Plus help for your moms on how to deal with you great. One of my favorites a page to get you to go out and make  your dream life happen. If you ever get told that the future you want will not happen just say it will if I make it happen. Don’t just take someone saying that it will not happen or that you don’t listen to the right music but if you like it then that’s what matters.

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