Friend To Friend

sadness sorry dudeFriends are more then people in your life there people that pick you up when you fall or hurt your self. But look at it in a emotional way when you and a friend have a fight your not there to help pick them up.

Friends can be a real pain in your butt I should know because my friends are pains in my butt every once in a while. There are two friends that i hang out with a lot and they can be big pains in my butt there names are Sam and Angela. But in the end we all work things out and are friends again sometimes no matter what happens or how long. From one of my other articles I wrote if your friends are really your friends they will like you for who you are. But in this case they will like you even if you said some things you would like to take back.

I think that you are going to be able to get through fights or arguments just like me when it gets hard. But if you ever need my help or advise you can go into Contact and send me a message and I will tell you what I think. But me as a writer and a person trust your ability yo handle with problems.

Just try to see your part that you played in it so you can be sorry for what you did. Buy if you feel like you have to say that your sorry just make sure you don’t say sorry for the other person.


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