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Winning And Losing Is Not Everything

Winning and losing is not everything but it is nice to win every once in a while. But you shouldn’t just make yourself win by cheating. If you win you … Continue Reading →

parent child

Arguements With Parents

Parents are with you all the way. From birth you are a part of them. But the one problem with parents is that they can be too protective. That can … Continue Reading →

sadness sorry dude

Friend To Friend

Friends are more then people in your life there people that pick you up when you fall or hurt your self. But look at it in a emotional way when … Continue Reading →

light bulb

The Parents Choice

Getting alone with your parents is not all that easy but could be easy every once in a while in the future. Sure your parents want to protect you from … Continue Reading →

hand holding

We Are All Together

We are all bonded by three same things even if you can’t see it. Take that teachers you say we can’t touch well you can’t stop this. You your friends, … Continue Reading →

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What Is Healthy Food

What Is Healthy Food? You’ve heard that chocolate and candy is bad for you and fruits and vegetables are healthy for you. But is that all true? Chocolate and candy … Continue Reading →

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What Does Music Do In Your Life?

What Does Music Do In Your Life? For some people music is a ways to laugh and have fun. But others music is a way to show who they really … Continue Reading →