Arguements With Parents

parent childParents are with you all the way. From birth you are a part of them. But the one problem with parents is that they can be too protective. That can go into a big bad fight which I think you don’t want to get into with them. But I’m going to write about some things that you can do with your parents if you do get into a fight. I will try to give you maybe 2 pointers on two different types of parent personalities.

The first personality I want to talk about is the type of parent that understands you. If you know that that parent will be with you, all the way, you will be able to tell them things that you don’t tell your other parent or friends.

#1. The first way to deal with understanding parents is to try to consider what they say and also tell the truth no matter what you think would happen. I have parents that are like that and, when I tell the truth, it makes our relationship even stronger.

#2. You may think that they are telling you what you think and feel but that is not the case. Sometimes you can go into a place that is darker and you play in what I call THE SHADOWS. Most of the time when you work in THE SHADOWS you don’t see it but maybe your parents do.

The last but not least personality I would like to write about is the controlling “my way” kind. If you know that your parent is this kind try what I would do which is below:

#1. If you feel like your parent is taking control of your space, like your bedroom, I say fight for it because even if they say, “it’s my house,” you say, “so this is my space in the house, like your bedroom. You wouldn’t like it if I went into your bedroom, which is invading your space.”


#2. Even if you think you will not win a fight, and not get your point through, don’t stop because you give away a lot of your own power. So get that point though

Those are some pointers on what I would do when I get into a fight with my parents, understanding or not.



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